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Fractional Skin Resurfacing

Ellisys Plus is medical device class IIb.

This device is a advanced RF microneedle system, which offers very good results with maximal comfort and minimal recovery time.


Better Results

Less Pain

Short recovery time

Wide range of treatments

High quality and stability


Ellisys Plus combines the phenomenon of bipolar radiofrequency with a microneedling and LED light.

It delivers effectiveness and effects from the first use.

During the procedure, sterile microneedles are inserted into the dermis and into the subcutaneous tissue at the desired depth, and then radio frequency pulses are emitted.

Thermally controlled tissue damage induces an immediate

contractions of collagen fibers, which gives an instant

lifting effect and improves skin tension.

After treatment overall spectacular improvement of the quality and condition of the skin is visable.

A new unique technology that makes a difference.

Indications for Ellisys Fractional RF

Results of Ellisys Plus

Our Fractional Microneedle RF offers very wide range of results:

Gładka, lśniąca skóra

Anti Aging

Smoothing wrinkles and fine lines on the face, neck and cleavage

Pokryta bliznami noga


Smoothing out stretch marks and scars, reduction of acne scars


Eye Lift

Lifting the upper eyelids, making eye open wider, eliminate wrinkles around eyes

Operacja plastyczna


Reduction of „second chin",

Modeling the contours of the face

Naturalne piękno

Skin Tone

Brightening of discoloration,

Skin tone restoration

Kobieta obejmujące oczy

Other skin problems

Reducing size of the sebaceous glands,

Reduction of excessive sweating,

Reduction of active acne

"My experience with Ellisys is undoubtedly very positive having obtained excellent results in the treatment of various aesthetic problems.

The findings in the treatment of face and neck laxity are extremely interesting, even in subjects with dark phototype. Equally valid are the results obtained in the treatment of long-standing white stretch marks; in these cases, the improvements seen have often exceeded expectations, also because, as is well known, these are frameworks in which it is rather difficult to obtain appreciable results with all the other methods, High-Tech and otherwise, up to now available."

Prof. Giuseppe Scarcella

Spec. Dermatologist Verona

National Manager Department High Tech ISPLAD


Kotwica 1

How Ellisys improves collagen?


Invasive device using 1Mhz bipolar radio frequency MTS (microneedle therapy system).


When the microneedle is under the skin's surface, RF energy is emitted from the tip of the needle.


Thanks to the wound healing effect and RF energy, our skin produces more collagen to improve skin condition and treat skin problems.

Two types of needle


25 PIN Insulated Needle

- RF emit on the tip of the needle

- Less thermal damage on epidermis

- Less recovery time

- Emit energy on the target layer, so the patient satisfaction level is high

Allows to use high energy safely



Needle Length : 13mm

Needle Thickness : Ø 0.3

RF Mode : Bi-Polar

Needle Type: Insulating plating (25pin)

Non Insulating plating (14pin, 49pin)

Needle Depth Control : 0.5 - 3.5 mm (0.1mm Interval)

Gold coating

Medical sterile cartridges


49 PIN Non-Insulated Needle

- Emitting RF energy over the entire     surface of the needle

- Emitting energy equally to the epidermis and dermis

- As power output increases, the possibility of skin burns increases.

- The skin needs more time to regenerate than after 25pin

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